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Every year my ex asks me if I want to take our daughter for Mother's Day (he usually has her on weekends) and I always laughingly tell him No. My idea of a good Mother's Day is one where I get to take a break from mothering.

This year, though, it didn't turn out exactly as I had expected...

I met my friend Tracy for coffee around 11, and she brought me a beautiful bouquet of irises (my favorite flower), lavender and lilies of the valley that she grew in her own garden.

While there I got a phone call from J., telling me that Hari had developed a sudden ear infection and they were taking her to a Walgreen's clinic. I talked to Hari and she sounded *so* sad, but she's also a drama princess.

Tracy and I went to Borders, where I saw many books I wanted but did not buy (new JR Ward, favorite guilty pleasure, *lurid* red cover) and got another call from J. Yes, ear infection, she was getting zithromycin and we would discuss whether Hari was coming home later on after she'd been dosed.

So I went home and performed a cleansing ritual to rid my house of what I suspected was a cursed object. Got rid of the cursed object before I went out to coffee.

Then I bounced around at loose ends until J. and talked and determined that Hari should stay with him for the night and we would meet at 12 today.

Got very diverted by the whole WinCon/Nyxiegate thing. Riveting reading. I really am not going to get personally involved, however.

Went to bed around 11 and had a hard time sleeping! Woke up around 4:30 this morning, which I feel is a waste of my childfree time. Alas.

So that was my mother's day. No card, although I did get a bouquet. No one took me out for brunch, but I had a nice coffee date with Tracy. It was a good day, although strangely incomplete.

I just miss Hari.
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